Case File 221-Return To Skinwalker Ranch

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Skinwalker Ranch, 512 acres of pure paranormal pandemonium. Passing between 3 different owners in recent years, the Utah property has produced hundreds of documented sightings or UAP and mysterious or wholly unexplainable phenomena. In 2016 the ranch came into the hands of Utah real estate magnate, Brandon Fugal. Fugal, a self-admitted skeptic, purchased the ranch after reading about the amount of high strangeness that had occurred there in the book Hunt For The Skinwalker, written by Dr. Colm A. Kelleher. After acquiring the property Fugal assembled a team of investigators and scientists to try and uncover the secrets of the mysterious property. The ranch was put under 24/7 video surveillance and monitored constantly for electromagnetic phenomena. Fugal slowly became a believer as the evidence gathered by this team mounted and seemingly raised the probability that something beyond the scope of traditional science was occurring within the Uintah basin. This case file, the Theorists wake the Dragon upon their return for an update on the unearthly vortex of unexplained that is…Skinwalker Ranch

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