Case file 204-Operation Mockingbird

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In 1952, Wayne Philips was a reporter for the New York Times and was attending Columbia University’s Russian Institute. It was here that Philips was approached by a representative of the CIA. The man offered to ensure Philips a posting in Moscow if he were to agree to be helpful to the agency while there. Philips was wary of the offer and expressed his doubts on an American journalist cooperating with the clandestine intelligence agency. The representative attempted to put Philips’ doubts to rest by mentioning that the CIA had “a working relationship” with the Times’ then-publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger and had other reporters on their payroll. It wouldn’t be until 1973, when documents were revealed during the Church Committee investigations into the activities of the CIA, that the public would begin to learn just how the CIA was utilizing these reporters as foreign assets in their war of ideologies. This case file, join the Theorists as they open your eyes to the secret world of spy guys in…Operation Mockingbird

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