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In Japanese folklore, there is the legend of the Jinwu. Known as the “golden crow”, these storied objects were depicted as three-legged crows contained within fiery orbs. Early legends count ten of these creatures that settled across ten different suns. They were housed within a giant tree from which they would be dispatched every morning to travel across the world. Occasionally they descend to the Earth to consume a special type of grass of immortality. At one point, the legends tell of the ten crows leaving at the same time causing the world to burn. Total catastrophe was avoided by the great celestial archer Houy as he struck down all but one of the destructive creatures. Could these accounts of burning orbs be seen as early interpretations of extraterrestrial UFOs? Japan’s history contains perhaps another, more recent, event where a small fishing village may have had a close encounter with a being not of this planet. This case file, join the Theorists as they sip some sake around the Japanese campfire tale of…The Utsuro Bune UFO.

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