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In September of 2010, UFO researcher Robert Hastings held a press conference that consisted of a number of former U.S. Air Force officials who had been stationed at various nuclear bases that claimed to have unexplained experiences that involved UFOs. The former service members described puzzling accounts where sudden malfunctions in missile launch and communication systems that seemed to follow within minutes of reports of strange lights or unidentified craft that appeared over or near their facilities. Recalling events not just reported in the U.S. but Europe and the former Soviet Union, it’s difficult to not see a correlation between UFOs and military bases housing nuclear arsenals. A series of events occurred in the Fall of 1975 in northeastern Maine that seem to support the theory that perhaps extraterrestrials were interested in the most destructive of human technologies of the time. This case file, join the Theorists as they produce one of the most historically accurate dramatizations of classified communications between U.S. and Canadian authorities regarding the…Loring Air Force Base UFO Incident.

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