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Contained within the Tibetan Book of the Dead, is a description of a realm the spans between death and one’s rebirth. Bardo, as it is named, is outlined as a state of existence where consciousness is free of the physical body.  According to this philosophy, it is within this state the consciousness is unchained and free to stretch out and experience the truest sense of reality. Unfortunately, this stage of enlightenment can be quickly followed by terrifying hallucinations and a person who is not properly trained or enlightened can become trapped within extended cycles of memory where they recall and experience their thoughtless actions during their lifetime. Statistics show that nearly 17% of those who are close to death experience a wide range of phenomena which they describe occurrences like distorted time, out of body experiences, and communicating with deceased relatives. These events have noticeable and long-lasting effects on those who seemingly return from the edges of death. This case file, join the Theorists as they dip their toes in the River Styx and explore the shores of…Near-Death Experiences.

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