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Minus 128.56 degrees Fahrenheit was the coldest day to be recorded in human history in Vostok, Antarctica. The icy continent can boast of the lowest temperatures, driest valley, and highest winds on average of any location on Earth. Looking at these facts it is hard to imagine at one time the world’s 5th largest continent was not covered in ice. Far into the planet’s past scientists have found enough evidence to soundly support the idea that Antarctica was once located around the same modern-day latitudes of Australia and New Zealand. Some of this evidence is taken from studies done of the ancient ‘fossil forests’ located on Antarctica. These remains of ancient plants have given scientists a whole new perspective on how plants evolved from some of their earliest ancestors. As more stunning discoveries flow from the frozen tundras every day, claims of crashed UFOs, abandoned nazi bases, and lost civilizations still make the headlines. Some even claim that buried beneath the ancient ice are entrances to the hollow earth and even colonies of extraterrestrials who are in contact with some of the governments of Earth. This case file, join the Theorists as they go beyond the wall and take a look at the…Antarctica Conspiracies

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