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Throughout the world, there are places that have long been thought to be entrances to the underworld. Openings that linked the mortal world to the terrifying domains of demons and devils. In Fengdu, China it’s rumored that two court officials during the Han dynasty had forsaken their posts to seek eternal life and their city became a gateway to the afterlife. In Iceland the prison of Judas is said to be Mount Hekla after its eruption in 1104 A.D. and that the birds that seemed to flock to its eruptions were actually souls of the damned. In ancient Rome, an area where one could broker deals with gods and speak with the dead were often referred to as a Mundus and one of these was a pit near the very heart of Rome known as Lacus Curtius. Not far from the modern-day city of Prague in the Czech republic sits one of these legendary gateways. A place where winged demons were said to take to the skies in search of victims during the night. A place so demonic that it could only be sealed with the construction of an entire castle directly on top of it. This case file, the Theorists “Czech” all the boxes for a demonic haunting in…Houska Castle

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