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During the 1970’s the possibility of global nuclear war was still treated as a very real threat. Both the U.S. and Soviet Union were caught in a seemingly endless race of nuclear weapon proliferation. In the northern state of Minnesota, the U.S. had constructed several bases that housed installations for the launch of nuclear ballistic missiles. In 1967 in the nearby state in Montana it was reported that, after a dramatic encounter with a UFO, a number of nuclear missiles housed there had been made inoperable. The seeming interest of these unidentified phenomena in the nuclear weapons constructed by humans has been well documented in the countless sightings of UFOs around and above their facilities. In 1979 did a local sheriff’s deputy possibly encounter one of the devices sent to observe the activities at a nearby military base housing nuclear-tipped missiles? What evidence left several investigators unable to suggest an earthly explanation for the physical damage left to the deputy’s vehicle? This case file, join the Theorists as they tell you a thing or two about a thing or two you betcha’ in…The Val Johnson Incident

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