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It’s half past midnight and something has woken you up. Was it a bump within your bedside closet? If you peer into the darkness where your shirts normally hang, will a pair of glowing red eyes be looking right back? Was it just the pipes settling or is it a shape-shifting shadow creature making its way up your stairs? Did the wind force a tree branch to scratch at the window or was it some long clawed nightmare crawling to perch on top of your roof? A majority of the cultures around the world have tales of the horrors that stalk the night. From the goat legged Krampus that carries away naughty children on Christmas Eve to El Coco the faceless terror that threatens to snatch up those kids who stay up past their bedtime. What common traits and motivations do these terrors hold? How can we explain the reason for their existence across all of human civilization? This casefile join the Theorists as they check for what’s under your bed and leave the hallway light on for…The Bogeyman

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