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During the 1960’s, a person could not have been blamed if they thought the US was coming apart at the seams. Everyday citizens had begun to organize and question the status quo. To those in power, the status quo was what had made the US a global superpower and, to a select few in the FBI, those who fought for changes to the status quo were a threat to national security. Those involved in activist groups that were at odds with the philosophies that dominated the administrative levels of the FBI such as the Communist Party USA, Black Panthers, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and The Nation of Islam were deemed threats and were systematically targeted to be “neutralized”. Documents obtained by activists and uncovered by groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union revealed this coordinated harassment of groups with ideologies that were deemed “un-american” was orchestrated and executed under the watchful eye of J. Edgar Hoover who had been the very first director of the FBI. This case file the Theorists get into the “not-so-crazy now is it?” story of…COINTELPRO

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