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Jon The Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. An open-minded comedy podcast discussing: Space exploration, the UFO and ET phenomenon, cold case mysteries, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and anything else in the world of the weird. Think a mix of Joe Rogan/Last Podcast on the Left/Trailer Park Boys

Case File 123-Project Serpo

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Kepler-47 C, a gas giant planet approximately 5 times the mass of Earth over 3,000 lightyears away. It is at least one of a few planets astronomers have observed orbiting a binary star system but if posts from an anonymous source in 2005 on an email forum including some of the time’s leading UFO researchers is to be believed, there is at least one other planet circling two stars and a team of U.S. military scientists were deployed to spend 10 years studying the planet and gather information about the inhabitants. From 2005 to 2016, a person claiming to be a retired official from within the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency began releasing information that detailed the experiences and scientific findings of the 12 brave men and women who participated in this interplanetary endeavor. Of those 12 pioneers, only 7 were said to have returned. This case file join the Theorists as they slap on the SPF 200 for double the fun in double the suns, discussing…Project Serpo

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