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Jon The Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. An open-minded comedy podcast discussing: Space exploration, the UFO and ET phenomenon, cold case mysteries, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and anything else in the world of the weird. Think a mix of Joe Rogan/Last Podcast on the Left/Trailer Park Boys

Case File 100-The Road So Far

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Thanks you all fo your support, this show is directly funded by the listeners and without you we wouldn't where we are today. Cheers to the next 100.

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The Alien Theorists

Braden, Dan, Zel, Andrew, Byron and Mr. Conspiracy


In the Fall of 2015 a team of well-meaning believers took their theories of all things paranormal and conspiracy to the podcast arena. On their journey, the believers have drunkenly stumbled  through thoughts on secret space programs, new world orders, and extraterrestrial interference. Undeterred by unusual Flat Earth theories and one star reviews the group unerringly pushed on. Along the way, our bravely buzzed believers have gained a wealth of support from great fans from around the world. Fans from all walks of life that lent their priceless experiences and well wishes to the believers to help them grow and allow them to lend a laugh or two to those stuck on a gruelling night shift or their brutal morning commute. The future looks bright as the believers reach their 100th case file, with many more strange places to go, strange things to see, and strange brews to drink. We hope that everyone will join us and stay along for the ride as we continue keeping our eyes on the skies. This case file the Theorists hop in their time machine borrowed from the Simpsons as they take a stellar trip down memory lane for….CASE FILE 100!


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