Carmaig de Forest-Post/Punk Ukulele Indie Rock Singer Songwriter Performance Artist

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A Place For My Stuff – Yes I have/had another podcast.  A couple of podcasts actually.  With the rising price of everything, I opted not to pay to have Inside the Guest Studio available forever.  

I have this convenient landing spot called My Alien Life Podcast which WILL remain forever – thus, this is part of my life, as will be the episodes of Inside the Guest Studio.  A podcast that is graced by some unique and very talented people that live slightly off the grid.



Inside the Guest Studio – With Cam Logan and Carmaig de Forest

My guest tonight joins a short list of rockers who embraced the ukulele and made it cool.  The ukulele that almost became a dorm room decoration in 1978 became his signature sound and formed his many, brilliant punk-leaning songs about love and politics.  Camaig de Forest crafted a career out of his passion for music at the University of California Santa Cruz.  He studied theatre with his sights set on acting and directing.  While in college, he plucked the ukulele off the wall and started writing songs.  In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles and started his career as a solo artist.  His ability to gather a devoted audience with his amalgam of performance energy and clever songwriting earned him the honor of sharing the bill with Violent Femmes, They Might Be Giants, and the Ramones.