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On tonights podcast Leslie will be speaking about the cardinal oppositions.  Between July 14-20th we will experience 3 cardinal oppositions between the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn as well as the new moon. Oppositions are stressful transits indicative of change on many levels depending on where this falls in your own chart. For many, this will be a difficult week.

We are experiencing some major planetary shifts on earth that are affecting the world and our personal lives.  Stay tuned for Leslie will be bringing us the astrological facts behind these transits and what to expect week by week!

Leslie will be accepting callers at the bottom of the first hour and Rosie will accept calls during the last half hour.  The call in number is 1(714)888-7516.

Rosie, in the second hour will be discussing Energetic Boundaries.  We all need energetic boundaries, but for sensitive, empathic and intuitive people they are vital.

Our energetic boundary is part of a larger system of boundaries that work together. On the physical level, we have our skin to keep things like germs out of our body. In our emotional being, we use our words and body language to define our emotional boundaries, in order to define our own emotional identity. 

The podcast is hosted by Rosalea& Leslie.

All Psychic Viewpoint shows will be  sponsored by ONPASSIVE.com now and in the Future!

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