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As long as there has been talk of evil spirits, ghosts, and demons, there have been tales of ways to bind, subdue, and imprison them. (Bizarre Real Demon Traps) *** Is it possible that reading about the world of the paranormal can somehow expose a person to it? (Can Reading A Book Open a Paranormal Door?) *** A truck driver passes a specter on a night road. (Night Driving In Alabama Left Me Speechless) *** The 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese – killed in front of 38 people, yet no one came to her aid – became an American legend. But how much of the story is true? (The Woman Killed In Front Of 38 Witnesses) *** The skeleton of a young boy was found on the side of a road and eventually a man named Marcellus Bunch was arrested for the crime – yet he seemed completely unconcerned about himself, the trial, or his fate. (A Hidden Skeleton) *** You don’t have to be sleeping with someone to be the victim of a blanket hog. You only need an invisible entity to give you those chills. (The Phantom Blanket Puller) *** Beloved horror author Edgar Allan Poe was a master of terror and mystery – but his greatest mystery may not have been in the pages of his writings, but in the days immediately before his death. (The Last Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe)

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Originally aired: November 06, 2022

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