Can Ghosts Be Helpful? | RGSO Classic Episode

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Can ghosts be helpful? When a tool goes missing for one contractor, how does a ghost intervene to help him find it? Today we hear the real ghost story of a ghost going to work with he living, to make work easier.

One listener writes: “The customer thought she should tell him that if he finds some of his tools were missing, he will find them in the basement on a workbench in the corner. He looked at her a little warily, and she told him the house was haunted and they were used to it. Stuff would get moved, but they could always find it in the basement, on the workbench. He said, “Okay, thanks for the warning,” thinking he wanted to finish up this job quickly and leave, and set to work.
He had to start by drilling one hole from the outside, and the thickness of the wall required The Big Bit, so he took the existing bit out of the drill, set it down on the grass beside him, put in the Big One and when he was finished, turned to pick up the little one. It was gone.”
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