CAM / PULSE: The World Wide Disconnection

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We know you’re listening to this episode through some sort of device, and, in a way, is that not a vicarious means of entering our conversation, a voyeuristic connection to other humans?


Devin, David and Rob discuss the nature of technology and human connection through the lens of two technohorror films this week in Episode 5 of Cadaver Dogs.  First, the hounds explore the dark underbelly of webcam lifestyle in the doppelganger fueled thriller Cam. Released in 2018, directed by Daniel Goldhaber and partially based on the real-life experiences of screenwriter Isa Mazzei, a working cam-girl discovers someone else is posting videos on her account, and that person looks unmistakably like herself.  Next, we sink our teeth into the obscure surrealist J-Horror Ghost film Pulse, as known as Kairo. Released in 2001, written and directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Pulse follows a group of young adults dealing with a world devoid of human connect and invaded by ghosts.


CONTENT WARNING: Potentially disturbing themes such as suicide are discussed.



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