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Part Two of Call of Cthulhu: Crimson Letter is here! Will our investigators get any closer to finding out the truth?!

November’s Cast:
The Keeper: Brandan Davidson
Bartender, Doug Sipple: Sonjay Baker
Curator, Jo Malcom: Georgia Abrams
Explorer, Victor Hazelbaker: Shannon Webster

Join us at the end of every month as we join a special guest in our very own role-playing game. Part Scooby Doo, part D&D, all Broadcast from the Belfry.

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Broadcast from the Belfry is created, written, and co-hosted by Georgia (@cackle.queen); co-hosted by Sonjay (@cicadasongphoto); produced by Shannon (@theteacupking); with research by Brandan (who is a ghost and has no social media); and social media by Hope (@hburkenstock).