Call My Name | True Ghost Stories

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A woman hears her name being called out in the middle of the night… but who’s voice is doing the calling?
Here is a preview of the story.
“As a Christian, I do believe that there are entities such as angels and demons and spirits, but I do not know how I feel about the whole classification part of it, if that makes any sense at all. So, this happened about two years ago, when I was eighteen. My cousin (we will call her Lily) and I had gotten together for the week. She and I have been awfully close since we were toddlers; given that we are the only girls on that side of the family closest in age, we have always spent a ton of time together. My family, at the time, had a house we rented on AirBnB that stood on a fair amount of land (it has long since been sold to someone else). It was not being used for the next few weeks, so my parents agreed that Lily and I could stay there for the week, just the two of us. Very first night hit, and being the teenage girls we were, we had decided to watch a horror movie. Lily and I have always been into the spookier side. We were fascinated by ghost hunting shows, loved exploring supposedly haunted locations, reading Creepypastas, the works. She even dated a girl that was very attuned to the spirit world, though I was a little skeptical of that one. But we loved that stuff. Once the movie ended, we had headed to bed, adequately spooked. We had taken the room of the house that had two beds, not wanting to be alone in rooms on a plot of land that was fairly secluded after that movie. We did not sleep much. Too scared and too giggly.”

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