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California Cryptids

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from Nathen, he starts off with seeing lights in the sky frequently in the area. On one night him and his buddy were walking and out of no where they began to feel like someone was watching them. Then they noticed a creature show itself to them, all the while their dog stared to react to the creature and they guys took off. When they go back home they got some not so great news….missing time. Then we go into the different cryptids of California. We go over the Lone Pine Mountain Devil, a winged demon sent straight from hell. Which is always fun.  Then we go over the Billywack Monster, it’s a tall ape like creature with ram like horns. Some say he carries a large club, most of the time it just scares people off but on the occasion it will toss large rocks at people. It could even be linked to a secret OSS/CIA operation which puts an odd twist on an already odd monster.  Then we go into the dark watchers of California. They’ve been spotted in the area for years and have been reported by many over the years. Thanks for listening and as always stay safe and stay weird!


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