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As you might or might not know we’ve been doing these extra episodes for a bit now where we try various food oddities and talk about them. Well, we’ve decided it’s time to expand our horizons and start the Cafeteria 51 World Tour! That’s right, for the foreseeable future each Cafeteria 51 episode will reflect some sort of food form a various country or region around the world. We’re not saying the foods we pick are necessarily representative of anything other than the food is in some way, shape, or form associated with said country. As is the case this week with INDONESIA. Did we dig up a delectable version of Beef Rendang? Nope. Find a hidden gem that serves an amazing Siomay? Nuh uh. We went high class this week with…Indonesian RAMEN! Indomie Chicken Curry flavor to be precise. So join us as we head east to experience everything Indonesian ramen has to offer!

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