But What is the Plot? ft. Movies that Made Us Gay

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Let’s all go to the lobby, weirdos!

This week is ALL ABOUT MOVIES!! A fun Crossover episode with our podcast from another broadcast- Movies that Made Us Gay!

Movies that Made Us Gay is ALL about the films we watched growing up that contributed to who we became as adults.  So it’s only appropriate that we take the time to celebrate the movies that made us WEIRD!

This week Lauren is joined by Scott and Pete as they revisit three 80’s movies that in some way contributed to the strange individuals they grew into.

Pete starts us off with 1989’s UHF starring Weird Al Yankovich, Scott is bringing us 1981’s Roar – a film that had more problems on set than you could possibly imagine, and Lauren is taking about Parents (1989) which marked possibly the first- but definitely not the last- time that Randy Quaid scared the crap out of us.

Grab your popcorn, put on your coziest socks and pop that tape into that old dusty VHS player- it’s time to get WEIRD!