Brotherhood Of The Snake

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from someone who’s family moved into a voodoo kill house. They started seeing all types of things they described as the static man. In one case his sisters radio turns on and a black figure crawled out and being to move like a spider along the floor. Then we dive into what is more less and entry episode to the Brotherhood of the Snake. This secret society is ancient and is possibly the beginning to all other secret societies. Its origins aren’t extra clear, but rumors has it going back to Sumerian times. Its tied to modern religion and possibly the way we all live and see the world we know. It started as a very good society, it started as a way to help us achieve a high spiritual being. But it ended up being corrupted and it began to influence the world in a way that keeps us all in a “slave” state. Its and interesting topic that we will visit again. Thanks for listening and as always stay safe and stay weird. 



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