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Welcome to the second episode of “Transmissions From the Void”, our series of horror audio dramas! Each installment will adapt a story from a different author, and for our second episode, we’re featuring “Bounty”, by Paul Kane

From award-winning author Paul Kane comes the story of Campbell Tate, a bounty hunter tired of the trail and in hot pursuit of a murderer whose reward will allow him to hang up his spurs forever. But what Campbell doesn’t know is that another hunter is on the way, and he will not stop until the job is done.

“Bounty” was written by Paul Kane and adapted for audio by Brennan Storr.


Anthony Germain as Campbell Tate

Aidan German as Jesse Bartlett

James Kennedy as The Stranger

Luke Greensmith as Bartender

Mike Thorn as Cowboy

Original Music by Faustbot

Additional Music by Rainy Days For Ghosts

Direction, Sound Design & Editing by Brennan Storr

“Transmissions From the Void” is a Ghost Story Guys production.

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