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What do you do when you know a dark entity awaits you at the bottom of the stairs? Is there ever a safe time to pass through?

Here is a preview of a story.
“At the bottom of the stairs, on about the third or fourth step, there was something like a man. He was tall, with long arms and legs, but I was certain that it was not a slender man because he was all black. He looked as if he were made of shadows, and he looked slightly wispy around the edges. As I said, he was all black, all around, except for his eyes. His eyes were a piercing white, almost as if they were glowing. I stood there in shock. What was that thing? He stared right at me, making eye contact. My flashlight was positioned so that the beam hit the stair right above his. The man reached out slightly as if he were beckoning me to come. I wish I would have let out a scream, or cried, or something that would wake up my parents, but instead, I tore myself away from my panicked state and dashed for the bathroom. It felt like miles of running, even though it was only a few feet away.”

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