Boos and Bourbon Episode 75: Haunted Lighthouses Part II + Strawberry Lemonade Bourbon Cocktails

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Kim & Jen decide that Lighthouses are creepy enough to do a PART II. It seems that lighthouses often are an integral part of Maritime history, showing lost sailors their route during a storm or an intense fog. Often these lighthouses have tried to show the way, but Mother Nature and fate have a different course for the captain. Not only have many souls been swept out to the sea’s watery grave, but since many of these lighthouses are on barren islands, the islands have their own sinister history. Case in point with Rose Island, just off of Newport, Rhode Island as it once was used during the Civil War, again in WWI and WW2, but also as a quarantine hospital during a massive Cholera outbreak. The ladies sip on Strawberry Lemonade Bourbon cocktails made with Maker’s Mark throughout this episode. 

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