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00:00:00 – 00:43:27 INTRO/PERSONAL HAUNTINGS
00:43:27 – 00:51:29 MANSCAPED GIVEAWAY
00:51:29 – 00:55:36 LGH GIFT BOX GIVEAWAY
00:55:36 – 01:03:17 FAN MAIL UNBOXING
01:03:17 Q&A BEGINS!!!!
Season 4 has finally wrapped and you know what that means…It’s time for the annual Holiday Q&A! Join us for this AUDIO AND VIDEO spectacular as we answer questions supplied by our haunted listeners, open fan mail, have haunted unrigged giveaways, discuss haunted merch, and more! Check out the VIDEO PODCAST on our YouTube channel and don’t forget to smash that mf subscribe button. Also, take the end of year survey so we can get even more haunted next season! Links below! I know that sounded like a friendly invitation, but it’s not optional! The exclamation points are just to make you feel more excited about the fun (but required) viewing and listening options (that are required)!
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