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Welcome to our bonus episodes! Special to the spooky season, the bonus episodes serve as a way to get to know other paranormal podcasters, paranormal investigators, and others in the paranormal universe! We dive into a casual conversation about all things spooky, paranormal, their personal endeavors in the paranormal world, the future of their endeavors, and of course Halloween.

In our third episode of the bonus episode series, Megan dives deep into a spooky conversation with Sydney and Taylor from the paranormal podcast “This Is Gonna Sound Weird .” Through telling of past Halloween memories, NC must go to locations, a retelling of paranormal experiences sprinkled in with laughter and good stories. This episode dives deep into the paranormal world and why Sydney and Taylor love it so much and why they wanted to be a part of it!  

THIS IS GONNA SOUND WEIRD (a paranormal podcast): Available on all platforms.  Social Media: @gonnasoundweirdpod (INSTAGRAM)  @gonnasoundweird (TWITTER) Make sure to visit check out their podcast, and follow them on social media!

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