Bonus Episode – Cross-over episode with Bad Counsel Podcast

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As a special treat this week we invited the guys n gal from the Bad Counsel Podcast to swap seats with us.  They host an episode of Xander & Stone –  The Science & Supernatural Podcast, and we get in the Bad Counsel hot-seat and improvise an episode of the Bad Counsel Podcast.

Xander & Stone gave Tim, Gregg, Jack & Katy their paranormal topic “Chupacabras” to research and do an episode for XS Podcast.

We'll let you, our valued listener, decide if they fulfilled the assignment or not.

Be sure to check out Xander & Stone on the Bad Counsel Podcast – a great improv comedy podcast where they dole out some very questionable (read: bad) advice and answer questions sent it by listeners.

We hope you have much fun as we had listening to this for the first time.

“They had ONE JOB” ~ Stone

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