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Surprise! It’s Thursday night and we have a bonus episode for you! Remember our Season 1 finale, called The Devil Made Me Do It? If not, you should go back and listen to it now! We covered the true story that inspired the newest Conjuring film, that’s in theaters/on demand now.

Okay. Now that you’re all caught up, this little bonus episode is our breakdown of the trailer, with additional banter, pop culture and true crime trivia!

CONTENT WARNING: Para-Nerds Podcast is a spooky, gross, fun, but also extremely graphic podcast for adults.

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We referenced the following:

*Please see the episode description from Season 1, Ep. 10 for the research we cited regarding the story that inspired the Conjuring 3

Our friend Andrew’s incredible art (his nun from the Conjuring 2 is haunting!)
Here’s the Instagram for Chroma Coma- https://www.instagram.com/chroma_coma

West Memphis Three- Watch documentary West Of Memphis, and the Paradise Lost Trilogy if you want to hear the full story all the way around, but here’s an article from when they were released from prison: https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2011/08/19/flash-west-memphis-3-freed-in-plea-bargain

On Damien Echols and what he’s up to now- https://damienechols.com/