BONUS Easter Symbolism: Origins, Rabbits, Eggs, Lent, Pagan Ostara Goddess & Christianity!

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On today’s BONUS episode (*become a supporter and unlock hundreds of monthly bonus episodes) of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast we take a critical look at the celebration of Easter! We’ll consider the conspiracy theories that Christianity stole it from the pagans who were celebrating the Spring Fertility Goddess of Ostara! We’ll talk about the goddess archetype theory (Ishtar, Ostara, Semiramis, Isis, etc), various theories from Alexander Hislop, Imam Shabazz, Dan Maklelan and even Isaac Weishaupt!! We’ll look at the symbolism of rabbits, eggs, lenten fasting and the dying resurrected God! Is Easter Illuminate confirm?!? Find out today!


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