BONUS: CERN’s July 5 Apocalyptic Alchemical Wedding! Parallel Dark Dimensions & Saturn Sacrifice Theories!

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This is a PREVIEW first half episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast from a full bonus episode! We take a look at CERN’s plans to fire up the Large Hadron Collider on July 5th, 2022! We’ll discuss the Higgs Boson God Particle and some very bizarre formations above CERN in 2016, dark matter, and the bridge between the worlds of light and dark! The scientists at CERN are attempting to bridge these two with their experiments- what could go wrong?? We’ll cover some researchers into this strange occult realm, including Nick Hinton’s Aquarian Singularity with some terrifying theories on mass level sacrifices to Saturn! We’ll also talk about the late Tracy Twyman’s work on exploring the end times through CERN and the Apocalyptic alchemical wedding!

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