BONUS: 2022 MTV VMAs Symbolism- Taylor Swift, Kabbalah, Chaos & Fast Food Oligarchy!

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We get a preview for another BONUS episode for the supporters! We’re going to decode the 2022 MTV VMAs! The symbolism of the high profile ritual was in plain sight and we’ll talk all about it! We’ll talk about why symbolism is important before getting into the performances! Lizzo’s Freemasonry, Johnny Depp’s fake moon, Lil Nas X’s spiritual battle, J Balvin’s alchemy, Nicki Minaj’s demonic alter egos, Eminem and Snoop Dogg’s Kabbalah Tree of Life Dark Side, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Chaos Magick, Anitta’s Scarlet Woman, Latto’s food poisoning, Bad Bunny’s humiliation ritual and Taylor Swift new witchcraft album!


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