Bigfoot TIW 43: A detailed account from a trapper that gets a bloody piece of Bigfoot and some details on a Legendary Easter Creature

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On today’s Cryptids in the News and History segment, Kevin talks about the legend of Osterhase, Easter Hare in English.  We also cover Easter calendaring, why the rabbit, and why eggs.  And discuss how this all may be related to the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And in part two of the show, Bill talks goes through a very detailed account of a fur trapper that is trapping Martens (Sables) and has a Bigfoot ransacking his traps and stealing his Martens.  And finally, in our listener mail segment, we have some fantastic comments sent in by people just like you, so tune in for that too.

Thank you for listening! And Happy Easter, and Happy Passover!

Produced by:  “Bigfoot Terror in the Woods L.L.C.”