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Tonight’s guest, Ryan, is from Central New Hampshire. He’s lived there all of his life. On November 28th, at 2 in the morning, Ryan was awoken out of a dead sleep by the sound of what he thought were footsteps, from people walking by his house, in the snow, on the snowmobile trail, outside. Like he normally does, he was sleeping with his window cracked that night, even though it was only 10 degrees outside, so he could easily hear the footsteps. When Ryan got up and looked out his 2nd story window, to his shock, what he saw was totally different than what he expected to see. Walking down the trail, he saw a 10-foot tall Sasquatch and 2 smaller Sasquatch, walking with the big 1. That isn’t the only strange experience he’s had. He’s had several strange experiences. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Ryan talk about them too.

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