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In 1999, tonight’s guest, Chance, was running trotlines, on Basigrass Creek, with a family member, in Arkansas. They had been running trotlines all day. It was around dusk when they suddenly heard a large commotion in the brush, nearby and then something big splashing through the creek, close enough to them to rock their boat from the waves it made. Chance says it was between 9 and 12 feet tall and was between 400 to 800 pounds, in weight. Chance isn’t the only person in his family who’s had a cryptid encounter, though. His wife has had her own experiences with them too. Not only is Chance going to talk about his experiences, he’s going to talk about his wife’s experiences as well. If you’d like to check out my new Bigfoot show, called My Bigfoot Sighting, here’s a link to Episode 1 of the show… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VUHN… If you’ve had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to be a guest on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio, please go to https://www.BigfootEyewitness.com and submit a report. If you’ve had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to report it to the U.S. Bigfoot Patrol, please go to https://linktr.ee/usbigfootpatrol If you’d like to help support the show, by buying your own Bigfoot Eyewitness t-shirt or sweatshirt, please visit the Bigfoot Eyewitness Show Store, by going to https://Dogman-Encounters.MyShopify.com Thanks, as always, for listening!  

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