Bigfoot, Bridgewater Triangle and Area 51 with John Horrigan

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John Horrigan is as he says “the wolf howling at the grapes. He’s been a paranormal investigator for almost 40 years and involved with many aspects of Bigfooting over that time. In this episode we talk about Bigfoot researchers in the 1990s, the Bridgewater Triangle, Area 51 adventures, Bigfoot hoaxers and more. 
He has also received five Boston/New England Emmy Awards (and had twenty nominations) for his role as host and writer of the critically-acclaimed television show entitled “The Folklorist”. The program even featured paranormal segments on the Gloucester Sea Serpent, Ape Canyon, The Angels of Mons, Spring-heeled Jack and the Dover Demon. 
Note: This interview does get into some New England history involving Native Americans and Colonial settlers so please be prepared for that. 
Mysterious America by Loren Coleman (affiliate link)
The Folklorist on Youtube:
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