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An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical-but not cynical - look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Coming to you from the Cabin In The Woods.

Bigfoot Before 1958 Part 2: It’s Evolution, Baby!

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Cian thinks longingly of his days in the Pacific Northwest while sipping on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale round the campfire at the Wide Atlantic Weird Cabin. Join him to learn of the wonder and mystery, the lies and intrigue, behind the 1958 Bluff Creek footprints – the case that kickstarted a legend. Is it true that prankster logging manager Ray Wallace really invented the Bigfoot myth using giant wooden feet? Did William Roe’s report of seeing a busty Bigfoot inspire cowboy Roger Patterson to fake his infamous 1967 ‘Patty’ film? And what’s the connection between the bizarre 1924 Ape Canyon Sasquatch attack and later cop-out belief in the kind of mystical, magical, non-evidence-leaving Bigfoot that drives Cian up the wall?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more, in part 2 of BIGFOOT BEFORE 1958.


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