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Bigfoot and the Bunny with Forensic Psychologist and Medium Robert Righi

We are honored to talk with Robert Righi about his incredible body of work. From having his first paranormal experience at 4 years old, being a forensic psychologist and criminal profiler for 35 years for the state of Florida, being involved in exorcisms sanctioned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, interviewing serial killer Ted Bundy on death row, to being a volunteer at a hospice for children and helping them to cross over- Robert has seen it all. He is one of the very few psychic mediums to have a degree in Psychology and be a profiler as well as a clinical social worker. He has found over the many years within the fields of psychology and psychic mediumship that they are skills that blend well together. He also helps those going through the grieving process, through their journeys from life…to death.

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