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Bigfoot and the Bunny welcome back friend and psychic medium, Christopher Brown…“Mediumship is a language. Spoken from love to those who still remain.” -CB Christopher was born in Portland Maine and became aware of spiritual energy from an early age. Spirit communication on the other hand was something he never thought he’d do. Living for many years in an extremely haunted house, this sparked his love and interest in the paranormal. After investigating an old Seminary in Maine he discovered his ability as a Psychic Medium. This led him to discover spirituality which he is now an Independent Spiritualist Minister as well as Reiki master teacher. Ever since he has studied mediumship and psychic work as well as Metaphysics. From platform and gallery readings to personal one on one readings, Rev. Christopher attends fairs and events across the country giving meaningful messages from the spirit world and sharing his knowledge of the paranormal. He is also working as a paranormal consultant for teams to help with validation. He’s currently working on book called “I F@cking knew it!” and working towards filming a web series with Toby Hartford called Soul Searching

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