Bigfoot and the Bunny – Past Life Trauma and Channeling the Council of 8 with Michelle Carpenter

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Michelle discusses how to release grief and trauma from our bodies and how intergenerational trauma can affect us, including how past lives play a part in releasing trauma. She will explain how she connects into a person’s body and energy field to help find the origin of the trauma and start the healing process. She will also talk about the Council of 8, which she channels.

Michelle Carpenter has a gift of seeing into a person’s body, mind a spirit. She can sense when a person’s heart “contracts”, when it feels sadness or pain, and expands when their vibration shifts in the moment of grieving or allowing vulnerability. She is shown where feelings are held within the body and mind, working on a deeper level of the subconscious programming. She works with past lives, intergenerational trauma and ancestral trauma and connects with the spirit of loved ones who have passed over. She also channel’s Angelic beings of light, called “Council of 8”.

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