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Bigfoot and the Bunny welcome the Return of the Technomancers: KD and Katy Stafford who make up Supernatural Ink- Supernatural InK is a paranormal, R&D investigative team. They are “Parahistorians” who have unique research skills.They are the creators of the Nanocom, Nanocom 2, InK Boxes, The Ghost Helmet, InK Boxes and more…Featured on the Travel Channel, Co-founder K.D. Stafford was in five out of eight episodes & custom built equipment for Portals to Hell and is the technical consultant featured on Ghosts of Morgan City and was a cast member on Ghosts of the Devil’s Perch as well as being featured on Mysteries Decoded. Katy is an avid historian and has been featured in several documentaries and recently won an award for her editorial by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Supernatural Ink Paranormal conducts research into unexplained occurrences, through the means of various equipment that is used in the paranormal field, we have a well known intuitive that uses their abilities to asses areas of interest. Supernatural InK goes further than that with their investigative techniques. Researchers of Supernatural Ink provoke historical references through out time to pin point what time period is causing unexplained occurrences. Thus corresponding historical documented facts with our intuitive’s explanations. This helps to bring in certain trigger objects to provoke answers and direct responses. Supernatural InK, also builds their own communication devices through theories that were presented in history. They use environmental equipment that meteorologist and engineers use to measure the environment. (Barometric pressure, surface/ambient sound and temperature, humidity) http://supernaturalinkparanormal.com/

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