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Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.

Our aim is to cast a light into the dark corners of corruption, conspiracy and suppression. We want to scour a web laden with tales of political intrigue, extra-terrestrials, rogue governments, secret societies, the paranormal, murder, mayhem, deceit, destruction, the cryptozoological and the psycho-pharmacological and present the fable of the 21st century: The Conspiracy Theory.

It's a Podcast that asks the unanswered questions of the wildest mysteries and weirdest truths from throughout our history. Taking universally available information from all around the internet and beyond, we'll provide a funny and friendly resource for all your conspiracy needs.

With weekly Podcast episodes and our constantly updated website Those Conspiracy Guys want to bring some truth to your inquisitive ears.

No topic is too delicate or outlandish and we want to make it palatable for everyone from beginners to experts. From the average guy on the street to a die hard conspiracy nut, we want to bring you the great conspiracies of time immemorial to the ones unfolding around us everyday. We avoid the tinfoil hats and poorly crafted sci-fi stories that litter the internet, to bring you conspiracies that you have heard about and more that you haven’t.

We are gleaning information from a seemingly insurmountable wall of waffle and running our common sense detector over some of the misinformation that lies in the stagnant swamp of the web.

We are but 'humble' Irish people, with a propensity for critical thinking and common sense, and a host of friends with the same mindset, but we all have a third eye squinted open for the strangeness of truth and are all tireless in the never ending quest for the opportunity to have the craic.

Have you ever watched the news and thought ‘that doesn’t look right?’.

Have you ever questioned main stream media or questioned what ‘main stream’ even means?

Have you ever agonised over the official version of events that seemed like they were the script of a bad movie?

Then this is the podcast for you. We analyse easily available material and cast a critical eye over it; discussing the validity of its sources and its credibility as fact. Sometimes we believe it, sometimes we don’t, but you can make your own mind up because we are just a bunch of people with some free time and questionable search histories.

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Big Pharma

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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we gargle the hardest pill to swallow in the war for the health of our planet and discuss the murky and insanely diverse machinations of health industry; one of the most inaccessible and necessary institutions on the planet, but it has been corrupt by the force we know as Big Pharma. From earliest doctors and ancient medicines, human have tried to cure ailments both in the body and the mind. From cataract surgery being done over 2500 years ago to caesarian sections being done in the jungles of Africa in the 18th century the medical industry has come a long way to what we know it as today

Outdated medical practices have made way for a more clinical and science based approach to curing physical human maladies. The older remedies though had the cause of the disease at the heart of the treatment, where new cures tend not to be a fix for the disease, but merely a treatment of the symptom. The blame for this may lie at the feet of the owners of the big pharmaceutical companies who, through nefarious wartime shenanigans, managed to bankrupt German drug producers to make drugs used predominantly required during war time and made billions, and still make billions

Treatment and mis diagnosis go hand in hand in todays medical treatment landscape. ADHD and pain medications are routinely used and abused by patients and are woefully oversubscribed by doctors the world over. Over use of antibiotics and heavy treatments for small ailments now leave humanity itself at risk. The opioid and amphetamine epidemic that is raging in the US at the moment is alleged to be the fault of the over prescribing doctors but drug seeking behaviour and reliance on illegal drugs after prescriptions run out is causing detrimental damage to small towns all across America. Opiates especially Fentanyl are causing overdoses in the thousands per year and little is being done about its availability

Price gauging on essential medical supplies is also one of the sins of Big Pharma and characters like Martin Skreli have been held as pharmaceutical neoliberal pariahs in the recent past. But insurance companies acquiescing to this behaviour and congress failing to act to quell these massive price hikes are failures rarely mentioned in news reports. We also look at alternative medicine and natural remedies that were totally fine for human beings for thousands of years and have only recently been replaced by chemical synthetics. Herbs and plants and ancient methods of healing have been regarded as hocus pocus but a modern cynicism for Big Pharma is pushing people back towards this magical thinking when talking about health.

Presented by Gordo, Eve D’arcy and Gareth Stack

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