Huz Ghost Stories

Hosted ByAndrew Huzar

My name is Andrew and I’m a Medium and Reiki Master based out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Having grown up in this historic city on the shores of Lake Erie, I’ve heard countless ghost stories and legends of hauntings, ghosts, monsters, and more. As a child I was enamored with these tales and sought out to learn as much as I could. Now, as an adult I have that same love for these amazing and macabre tales. Together with my co-hosts Alex and Sean we take a look at these legends, diving into the history to discover their origins. Truth is often stranger (and darker) than fiction so sometimes we take a trip out to the areas mentioned in the legends to see what we experience or feel ourselves.
We love these ghost stories and we enjoy discovering new ones to bring to the attention of others. Whether you’re a history buff or just a fan of spooky stories, you’ll enjoy hearing us dig up these tales and their history.

Beware the Lake Erie Storm Hag & Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster

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What lurks just off the beautiful shores of Presque Isle? What creatures swim in the deep, dark waters of Lake Erie? We’re exploring both of those questions in this week’s episode as we look at the Lake Erie Storm Hag & the Lake Erie Monster. Both of these old legends have passed down through Erie’s generations. Children have been terrified of getting too close to Presque Isle’s stormy waters for ages, in fear that the Hag will drag them down to her cave. At the same time people all across Lake Erie’s footprint have been interested in finding and learning more about Bessie. Does Presque Isle have its very own siren pulling unaware swimmers to her safron cave? Is there really a giant sea serpent swimming through Erie’s dark waters?

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