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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about Kyle’s ego getting damaged as he lost a foot race with his teenage son and his most recent trip to the coast. Then, A New Jersey teen was at home watching TV when they noticed a pair of eyes peering through the sliding glass door. They later heard a shriek and discovered a black crawler humanoid. Next, a person from the UK has a Fae encounter while out photographing.

After the break, Cam brings up the unusual story of the Betz Mystery Sphere! Sometime in March or April 1974 – fittingly, the accounts aren’t consistent – three members of the Betz family, parents Gerri and Antoine and their oldest son Terry, were walking in the woods around their property on Jacksonville’s Fort George Island when Terry found something that would impact their lives for years: a strange metallic sphere, about the size of a bowling ball. Thinking it odd enough to make a good souvenir, Terry, then a 21-year-old pre-med student, took the ball home.

The Betzes didn’t think much about the orb until one day when Terry started strumming his guitar near it. According to Gerri, who became the family spokesman on sphere-related matters, something strange happened: the ball started humming back. Soon it started displaying other unusual properties – it would roll around seemingly of its own volition, changing directions and halting abruptly. It even vibrated and emitted a high-pitched sound that would send dogs whining and covering their ears. So what was this strange orb???

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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