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Who DOESN’T remember that freeing feeling of “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!” The LAST school day of the week, and the sound of that LAST bell! You grab your trapper keeper and hightail it to the school bus! You would, of course, sit in the very last few seats in the back so you could taunt the cars behind If you were VERY lucky, you had a bus pass to ride home to friends house for that favorite Friday night tradition…….a sleepover We all recall grabbing a plate of Totinos Pizza Rolls, and a Capri Sun, changing into our themed onesie pajamas, and climbing into our sleeping bags. The night would be filled with sitcoms, MTV & VH1 music videos, gossip about classmates, and the braiding of friendship bracelets. But what about the times when these close knit friendships turn sour, and friendships go bad? Fueled by jealousy, or resentment, or pure fury rooted in emotion? There are times when a ride in the backseat of a school bus quickly turns into a ride in the backseat of a police car. When a sleeping bag becomes a body bag. Your onesie transforms into an orange jumpsuit, and in the blink of an eye, your friendship bracelet is replaced with handcuffs.