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Wisdom from an illustrious Psychic Cowgirl ®; Reverend Shannon Laackmann B.Msc, C.Ht brings a practical cowgirl wisdom to metaphysical topics to help you increase your awareness, intuition and understanding of yourself on your personal journey. Warning: hanging out with this Psychic Cowgirl will automatically raise your vibration, and increase your intuitive talents.

Being Psychic~How to tell if you are intuitive – Mar 12,2013

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Do you feel you are Intuitive? how do you know? Can you walk in a room and know if the energy of the room is positive or negative? when a family member comes home from work or school can you tell what type of day they had by their energy when they walk in the door?
Intuition is a natural talent we all have. We will fill you in on how to expand your intuition and trust it. We will also give you tips on how to know when it is your intuition and when it is not.


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