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On this week’s bonus episode we dive into a case we have recently talked about on episodes prior. We are diving into Barry’s story with non other than Barry himself. In this episode Isaac dives into Barry’s attachment and how we went about removing the attachment from him that has been with him for well over a decade. Barry gives the backstory and explains how he felt before and after the attachment was removed.

We hope anybody listening to this episode gives them hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they are suffering from a dark attachment or need answers on strange paranormal occurrences happening in their home.

Huge shout out to Barry for allowing us to not only tell his story but being more than willing to come on and share his experience.

Huge shout out and thanks to the band that makes our killer intro and outro music! If you’re digging the intro and outro music it’s actually by a band called Maudlin. We use the song Stacy Dahl for our intro and outro but they have tons of other really awesome songs to check out! You can search them on Spotify, and on YouTube for more music and they also have an Instagram and Tik Tok that you can follow as well to keep up to date with them; [@_maudlin_]

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