Baltic Sea Anomaly: Downed UFO or Glacial Skid Mark? | 83

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In 2011 a group of treasure hunters were searching the Baltic Sea when they came upon something they couldn’t explain. Their sonar showed an image of some sort of…structure on the sea floor. It was somewhat round in shape and almost ship-like. Subsequent investigations have shed little light as to the structure’s true identity, purpose, or origin. One thing is clear – it isn’t a UFO (it’s clearly a UFO). This week we break out our scuba gear and join the search. Plus, was Jar Jar Binks actually a Sith Lord? (Conspiracy Bot thinks so) What does century old champagne taste like? (money) And why is C-Bot watching bad Harrison Ford thrillers from 2 decades ago? (show prep) All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to the bottom of the ocean, but we’re pretty sure that’s where the Gungans live – Hysteria 51.

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