Awakenings and Activation with NK Kranda

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Episode 52

Welcome Back, Theoryologists! New year, and new topics! Also, we are taking the growing approach of value-for-value funding for the show. Please consider donating if you found value in this episode.

This time we have a special guest appearance. We are joined by the wonderful NK Kranda, experiencer researcher. NK has joined me in-studio for this episode, which proved fraught with recording issues, derailments, and lots of laughter and distractions! Regardless, this topic is a perfect discussion to have with her. 

NK surprised me with the unique pleasure of premiering an interview she held with Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Jim Denning, M.A., LPC, LCDC, of The Denning Center. After a bit of fun and casual discussion with NK, we discussed the challenges around discussing “Awakening” as a topic, as ambiguous as it is. Then, after a more to the point introduction, you will have the opportunity to hear the full interview held in January. 

Awakening is subjective and personal for each experience and experiencer. What is often overlooked is what happens after that. When experience can lead to paradigm-shifting, life-altering changes in perspective and belief, how can someone best confront it? What resources are available? Who is there to listen, counsel, and advise? 

I think you will enjoy this entire episode, so enjoy and start this year in a positive state of mind.


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